For this rotating collection, I have selected a few articles—most of them written by me—that I hope will be of broad interest. Please check back often for updates.


Wine & Cheese with Sara Moulton
Napa Valley

With celebrity TV chef Sara Moulton, I guide you through some do's and dont's when entertaining with wine and cheese.

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View from the Bay
San Francisco

With KGO-TV hosts Spencer and Janelle, I make Asparagus with a Fried Farm Egg and Truffle Salt. And it briefly gets very warm in the kitchen.

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AM Northwest

With KATU-TV host Dave, I make chilled Golden Beet and Buttermilk Soup.

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The Shepherd’s Way
From Saveur, August/September 2008

In rural Calabria, shepherds still make ricotta the traditional way. Learn how one shepherd does it, then make your own version. A primer with recipes.


Cheese Whiz
From Better Homes & Gardens, November 2008

A fondue party at my house, with my favorite fondue recipe.


Stock Tips
From San Francisco Chronicle, October 31, 2007

If you want to know how to make good chicken stock, ask a chef. Just don’t ask two.

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Appreciating the Season
From Specialty Food, January-February 2009

Everyone knows that tree-ripened peaches have a season. But did you know that cheeses are seasonal, too?

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Cheese Rinds 101
From Specialty Food, July 2009

Understanding how and why cheese rinds develop is a key step in appreciating cheese.

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Blue for You
From Culture, Winter 2008

The world’s best blue cheeses range from creamy to crumbly, and from mellow to fierce. Here’s a guide.


Eating Local Looks at Thriving Small Farms
From Napa Valley Register, June 29, 2010

An interview with me about my book, Eating Local, and the locavore movement; with recipes